Hello. So, NEW STUFF FOR end of 2018

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Just realised that all my news was from January which makes it olds, which means it belongs below in ‘old news’, but as stated below I don’t keep olds, so all that news has ceased to exist.

It’s now October. In fact it’s October 4th, which makes it National Poetry Day. I’ve been in a school in Reading all day and my eyes are so tired they hurt.

What’s new? Well, I just previewed the embryonic beginnings of a new show at the Stroud Theatre Festival in September. It’s a sweet 50 minutes of lo-fi stand-up spoken word storytelling theatre and has the working title of ‘Test Transmission From The Edge Of The World’, because it sort of was a test. But it past that test, so now it might get called something else. It’s been written as part of an evolving collaboration with UK / Amsterdam based installation artist and archivist Tara Downs, who creates mad stuff with her partner Bart under the name of Miniature Museums. They’re in the process of building a corrugated tin radio shack, stuffed with ancient radio gear that’s hacked and gutted and rigged up to work how they want it to work. This shack is intended to tour as an installation to all sorts of weird and wonderful spaces, and this new show is designed to be performed as part of the installation.

In the theatre festival, the embryonic show all emerged in the form of spoken words from my working human face; in future, my face will interact with stuff coming out of the fizzing Bakelite technology in the shed… It’ll be ace and I’m excited about it.

I’m also developing a second radio-themed show less dependent on fast-past clever words and British references, and more dependent on tragic facial expressions, which can be performed abroad when the installation is doing it’s instally thing over the water.

And my currently existing show, HOW I CAME TO BE WHERE I NEVER WAS, continues to pop up all over the place, often in the East as part of the INN CROWD tour.

I’m intending to do a lo-fi tour of odd and unusual spaces with this early in the new year; sheds, summerhouses, winterhouses, living rooms, empty shops… If you have any of the above, or indeed anything where a man and a 5′ x4′ set could fit, and you’re up for the speaking of words and warmth and human communication, please do get in touch. We can work something out.




I’ve deleted the old news. If it’s not new, it’s not news. It’s olds. I didn’t get Andy to make me a page for olds. Anyway,  yesterday’s online news is only fit for wrapping silicon chips in.



    Sat 11th May 2019 Stroud Atelier, Lower St […]